After we got back from Xiamen we made a trip to Suzhou which is 30 minutes inland from Shanghai by bullet train. With a population of 20 million plus, everywhere in Shanghai is crowded. This is one of the waiting rooms at the train station when we were leaving for Suzhou. Suzhou's city is pretty old and they have canals and many gardens. We didn't visit the city this time around, but we did visit the Humble Ambassadors Garden which is one of the largest gardens in China. Unfortunately it was the wrong time of year to experience it's loveliness.

This is the Suzhou train station. Notice the KFC signs...KFC is very popular here. I think I've seen more of them than McDs.

Same station in better weather...

When we got back to Shanghai, it was the taxi driver that informed us that Benazir Bhutto had been killed. Taxi drivers are a wealth of knowledge.

I want to try one of these motorized bicycles.