Australia Day!

Well, i got up early to try and get $25 dollar tickets to see joanna newsome tonight at the opera house. unfortunately, i didn't get there early enough and all the cheap tix were gone. So i might see if i can still go, but i'll have to pay $50AU. Boo....Other than that there are free concerts at the Rocks today for Australia Day. And various fests and such. i'm going to head over to catch Youth Group this afternoon. They came to cleveland a while back and I was one of 5 people there to see them. Each of us audience members got a shout out from the singer on stage.

Yesterday I spent a few hours at Hyde Park. My hostel lacks hang out space, so I try to stay away as much as possible. i spent a good hour watching bats fly into the park at dusk. Also got a phone, so i'm reachable. (+61 450128550)

My bunk at the hostel


beckylynn13 said...

I like the guy in the background showing off his tiny little pot belly! Is it really hot there, and he's just trying to get some airflow?