I like the asparagus point explodes eyes fish rice. But the Burn juice cowboy bone looks interesting, too. I'm always on the lookout for funny English translations gone wrong. A lot of times, it's not really funny, but sometimes you come across some gems. Like this bootleg copy of the Kingdom that I was watching. When you buy movies off the street, sometimes they're great. Sometimes, it's from a camera pointed at a movie screen, and sometimes it's in Russian. You get what you pay for. At less than a dollar a movie, it's not a big loss. So this copy of the Kingdom must have been translated to another language and then back in to english, maybe by a machine or something. I had to watch the first 15 minutes twice because I kept laughing. You need to have sound to get the effect.

These pictures are all out of order. These turtles were outside a Buddhist temple in Xiamen or Gulangyu.