Fake Market

This is one of the fake markets in Shanghai. My brother and I each walked away with a jacket. Mine's a North Face, which you'll see in later posts. It came out to roughly $25 I think. We probably could have bargained lower, but the girl was nice. Usually they're super pushy and I hate that. This was before the new year so business was slow. It's mostly westerners that frequent these markets, and most of them had gone home for the holidays.

I also got one of these "I am NOT a Plastic bag" totes.

There are also markets where you can go get clothes made from scratch to your measurements. Lots of people have suits made. You can pick your fabric and styles depending on which tailor you chose. The hard part is picking the right tailor. Prices vary, but I think a suit jacket and trousers runs about $50 or $60ish. My dad and I have both had wool coats made. Supposedly they're cashmere, but I don't know. They are soft though.

This was one of the large hypermarkets in Shanghai on new years eve. It was crazy busy.

I love going to supermarkets when I visit foreign countries. You can go shopping at H&M, Uniqlo and benetton in different countries, and they'll all have the same stuff. But supermarkets are always different and full of cool stuff, especially here.
The rest of these are from Carrefour, another very large (french) supermarket chain. There's a much larger selection of produce than back home, even compared to Whole Foods. And most of it is fresher because a lot of it is grown locally. Not to mention a surprisingly large selection of organic produce.

This is the fresh noodle and steam bun station. Yummy!


bk said...

oh wow. i would love to go to that fake market!

those non-plastic bag totes are extremely popular in the hip/cool/celeb/nyc/la/london crowd. i dig them too