Good Foods

There's lots of stuff on Chinese menus that might seem strange. It's not so much the duck lip that makes me laugh. It's that it's Extremely savory duck lip. And the crab dishes cardiac atherosclerosis....they must have used a medical dictionary to translate that one. haha...

One of my favorite foods (and I have many) is Lanzhou pulled noodles. I had them today for lunch (again). We go to the local eateries for these, where you can get a delicious bowl of beef noodle soup for about 60 cents. Local eateries are no-frills places to eat. They're usually tiny and dark, clean-ish, and instead of napkins they might have a roll of toilet paper. But the food is good and cheap. And you usually get to see them making food at the front of the shop. They cook the noodles in big pots out front and you can watch them make your noodles. This isn't my video, but it's exactly the same type of place. There are lots of them around.

Just like that...dough to noodles in 30 seconds. They also have knife-sliced noodles where they take a chunk of dough and flick slices of noodles directly into the pot. These are Muslim eateries, so there's no pork on the menu. China is largely atheistic, mostly due to the communist government I believe. Buddhism has the largest following, followed by Islam, and then Christianity. My brother had brought a stack of news magazines to read, and this was one of the factoids I read.

Here's a potsticker shop.

This was taken on one of the local shopping streets. For those who can't afford to go to Wal-Mart, this is where you can buy your food. Yeah sure, it's gutted on the street, but it's fresh. I like to look, but we don't buy from here (much).

Tsingtao. Cheers!