I'm in Sydney, mate!

I'm in Sydney!! It is not sunny and hot as I had hoped. But it is raining and humid. The trip from Kanazawa to Osaka to Sydney was long. I self-diagnosed myself as having the flu. I was just so achey, and my face was hot, but I was cold all the time. The japanese pills seemed to take care of the headache and the achey joints, so I decided not to buy any addition flu meds here in Sydney. I had a good night of sleep, and I feel much better today. I'm in a room with 2 girls from Norway and a German. Yay!

No new pictures today, as this internet place doesn't offer hookups to the computer. Plus I haven't really taken any pictures. I sat next to an American guy on the plane who was getting his MBA in Australia. (very cute, too) We talked for a while about changing careers,living abroad, and not wanting to go back to the US. He used to be an engineer for a couple years before he quit to go to Australia. We also talked about how wierd and amazing Japan is and how japanese onsens are fabulous. Where I'm staying in Sydney at the moment is considered China Town. So there are moments where I feel like I'm back in China. Last night I went to Darling Harbour last night for a free show on the water for the Sydney Festival. It was wierd, with music, clowns, boats, costumes, fireworks, and a naked man. I'm glad it was free.

So the last time I was here in Australia, the US dollar was about .60 to the Australian dollar. Now its .90 to the Australian dollar (or more depending on where/when you exchange your money). That is a big fucking difference. I blame George Bush and his idiot tax policies...or the trade deficit. Either way, I blame the fool in office. Please educate me otherwise. So that means when I spend $1,000 Australian dollars, it costs me $900 US dollars. When 4 years ago it would have cost me less than $600 US dollars, maybe closer to $500. The dollar has been steadily declining in value for several years, and I have been traveling increasingly since then, so this situation doesn't work well for me. If I gained any weight in China, I'm going to lose it here. The good thing is that food in the US is expensive. You may not realize it, but it is expensive. So even with the shitty exchange rate, food here is still not too expensive compared to the US. But I'm still on a budget, so I'm eating less. It's just that my dollars don't last as long as they used to. Milk here is cheaper AND it doesn't have bovine growth hormones in it. I have to pay my bills now. Next post should be less cynical.


aquinoama said...

Have I mentioned before how much I LOVE reading your blog. You're commentary on life is quite entertaining. I'm so glad that you are feeling better AND that you made it to Sydney. I'll see you in a few weeks! EEEEEK! YOWZA!

mittens said...

Yay! I'm so glad people are reading. And thanks to the 2 people who are leaving comments. haha!