I've been burned

Doh! i'm at an internet that I can upload photos, but i forgot my camera cord. So i'll have to come back tomorrow. i tried to get up early to get $25 tickets to joAnna Newsome tonight at the Sydney opera house, but i was too late. Try again tomorrow, or else i'll have to pay full price. Wednesday night Bjork was performing in the forecourt of the opera house, so i went to see if you could hear the show by standing outside. And i totally could! They had the state set up in front of the opera house and the audience sat on the steps leading up to the opera house. Tix were $145AU and sold out, so i was not getting in. They had the area blocked off, but you could still hang out just outside the gates and hear the show. I couldn't see much of the stage but I could see the big screens next to the stage and hear everything just fine. oh yay!!! And it was fantastic and FREE!! Also i just read in the paper today that Bjork cancelled her appearance at the Big Day Out today due to strained vocal cords. hmmm...well it was a gorgeous night to be at the opera house. Too bad i'd forgotten my camera. And as i was waiting and admiring the birds flying overhead, i realized that the great black birds were in fact great big bats! on the way back to the hostel i happened on a gig by an American band called Battles. It was another outdoor show, so i listened a bit outside the gates and was surprised i knew one of the songs.

Also, i switched hostels 2 nights ago, because the other one was just too expensive. i'm at Strattons hotel at the moment, and it's $13 cheaper but leaves much to be desired. I've stayed in mixed dorm rooms before, but the ones i've stayed in Australia tend to be much, um, mustier. i'd hoped for a 4 bed female room, but ended up in a 6 bed mixed room where i am the only female. oh well, 2 more nights and i'm off. i'll post pics tomorrow. The room smells like wet towels, and the hostel has no tv room or lounge other than a small kitchen and some chairs in the hallway. So, last night i didn't feel like hanging about to listen to british blokes talk about felatio and girls they've shagged, so i headed to Starbucks to read my book...i highly doubt i'll be making friends at this hostel. Positives: The dudes in the room don't snore. And at least the mattress is comfortable. it's a proper mattress with springs instead of the cheap foam pads they use at the other hostels. Tomorrow is Australia Day, and there are free concerts at the Rocks. Then i'm off to the Blue mountains!