Last day in Shanghai

Another quick post because I have to pack. I'm sad to be leaving, but I'll be glad to see my friend Kate in Japan. My cousin was in Shanghai yesterday, so we went shopping and out to dinner. I hadn't seen him since he was in grade school. Now he's graduating from college. My mom tripped on the sidewalk on the way to dinner last night and broke her arm. Ouch!! So it hasn't been a good day for her. I feel really bad. So I don't have time to write much now. Next post will be from japan.

The picture above is another local market. the food looked fresh, but the atmosphere was kind of gross. there are more pics on my flickr page. these are some of our restaurant dinners. I didn't feel compelled to photograph our home dinners. The service in Chinese restaurants is awesome. There's always wait staff around, and you can call on any of them. They all welcome you at the door and thank you when you leave.