Let's enjoying Japan with monkeys!

So i'm in Japan now, but I can't update as often since I don't have a computer anymore. I've been in Kanazawa since Thursday. My mom's broken arm required surgery. She had to have a metal plate put in her arm because the bone broke in several places. At this point I had just arrived in Japan, so I wish I could be back in Shanghai to help out. So my first hour in Japan, I spent at the police station.

Okay, I flew into Komatsu airport, which is a very small airport. Going through customs was interesting, but not worth describing. I had never been to Japan so I had absolutely no Japanese Yen when I arrived. I went to the money exchange, but it was closed. So I go to the ATM and try my bank and credit cards. None of them work, because Japanese ATMs are stupid and only work with local bank cards. Shiiiiittttt!!! I needed to take a bus into the city and I needed money! I couldn't call anyone, because everything was in japanese and I didn't have any money! I went to the information desk, and the girls there were wearing neon green dresses and black bowler-type hats. (That's not part of the story, I just thought their uniforms were funny.) They don't speak English. But they were able to tell me that the money exchange was closed for the day. maybe I should ask the police for help. So I found a police officer and he walked around the airport asking people for help. Finally he told me to step into the airport police office where there were 4 other officers. None of them speak English. I don't know how long I was in there, maybe 10-15 minutes. Somehow I was able to communicate that I needed to exchange money for the bus into the city. They were all very nice, and we all laughed at the situation. Finally one of them takes a $20 bill from me and gave me 2200Yen from his own wallet. oh my god, I was so thankful. When I left, they were all gathered around looking at the American money. So thanks to the Japanese police, I made it into Kanazawa city to meet my friend Kate who has been teaching English there since July. The Japanese people really are amazingly generous and kind. I'll have more to say later because I'm sick and tired, literally...I really need to get to bed.

We went to Nagano to see a monkey park up in the mountains where monkeys go to bathe in natural hot springs. It was great! Jigokudani Monkey Park"
We spent the night at an onsen, which is a japanese bath house. It was a good weekend. More pics on Flickr