Sick in Japan

It sucks being sick in a foreign country and you don't have meds. I didn't sleep well last night and felt pretty ill when I woke up this morning. It's my last full day in Japan, and I wanted to get out and see some more. I was hoping I'd get better with a good night of sleep, but no. So I had to find a drug store and buy some meds. I think I got the right stuff. I feel a little better. I just went by the pictures on the box. My throat hurts and I have a headache, so I bought one that looked like it was for throat and headache. Then I went to the grocery and bought a bottle of vitamin C drink. Things are so expensive here, especially having just come from China. The cold meds cost me about $19US. Here are my non-food purchases so far, not much. The naked doll and the little Hello Kitty are both made in China. So you see, everything here is made in China, too.

Since I'm traveling so long, I haven't been buying much. But was feeling bad for myself because I was sick, so i made a few purchases today. Also, I exchanged too much money today, so I had to spend some. So today after I purchased my cold meds, I went to the Omicho Market and Kanazawas Geisha District, where I got the tomato scarf above. There is a lot of beautiful stuff here. If I had money to spend, I'd love to shop here. But I'm backpacking and I'm on a budget so I buy things like silly little toys. The Geisha district is small, but it was really nice. I happened to be there by myself when it was getting dark and it was snowing, so it was really very peaceful.

These are from when I went to visit the school where my friend Kate is teaching English. I sat in on 2 classes and helped her with some teaching. The boys class was really fun. Must start packing post from Sydney!