Byron Bay

Still don't have access to my email...Boooo...which means I also can't access my flickr account. Poop. But we just arrived in Byron Bay this morning from a 4 hour bus ride after 3 days in Coffs Harbour. It's HOT and humid and the beach is beautiful. No pics yet unfortunately.

Email problems

I having problems getting into my email account. so if anyone has sent me something in the past 2 weeks, I haven't been able to check it yet. I'm hoping my email account hasn't been compromised. That would royally suck. Also, if you've received any phishy emails from "me" let me know.

In Coffs Harbour right now by the way....more later.

Bondi Beach

These are out of order. We went to Bondi Beach last week and it was lovely.

Thirty cent cones from McDonalds....sweet as!

Ice cream again. This is Chelsea and Sam. We met them in Sydney and have been hanging out quite a bit. Chelsea is from Calgary and Sam is from Michigan.

Back to the Blue Mountains!

We're back in Sydney briefly before we catch a bus to Newcastle tonight. We were in the Blue Mountains in the town of Katoomba for 4 days. I just love it there. I was there a few weeks ago. Quick post with pics...Check Aileens blog for more If my last post didn't make much sense, that's because I didn't get to write what I wanted to write for the photos. Oh well...

We went abseiling and canyoning. See evidence below. Great fun but bloody scary!

We also did some bushwalking. We did a 3 hour walk that was quite foggy in the morning but turned out to be a lovely day.

The Blue Mountains YHA is quite possibly my favorite hostel I've stayed in ever. I felt very at home here.

We're in Sydney for the moment. We left our bags with Aileen's aunt at her office. I think we hid them pretty well. They're discreet.

Aileen's here!

Aileen arrived 3 days ago and we've been walking around Sydney. Last night we went out with some girls from our room for some drinks. It was a good time. Pics later...this weekend we might be headed to Bondi.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!
Here's some pics from the Chinese New Year parade in Sydney. There was a group of about 600 from Shaanxi province that participated in the parade and they were fabulous! Next year the parade is going to be a night with lanterns. Should be pretty sweet. China town was the place to be!

I loved this fungus float. I thought it was pretty funny...

After the parade, the lion dancers went around to every shop in Chinatown with some firecrackers and did their dance to ward of evil spirits and for good luck.

Sydney's Northern Beaches

I thought it was about time I posted some pics. I'm trying to get a CD burned of my photos, but this YHA is deceptive...nevermind. So one week at Collaroy Beach in north Sydney and just one sunny day. I spent that one sunny day going to Palm Beach to catch a 4 hour cruise on the Hawkesbury River with the Danish girl from my room. Who by the way is from a town called Aars. (Arse? I asked. She also said there is a place called Aas.) We got along really well. I hope I meet more people like that. Actually, just a very wierd thing happened. I was cropping this next photo of Dorthe, the Danish girl. And right over my shoulder I hear, "Hey, that's me!". So, I just stopped blogging to have a chat with my Danish friend. I've left the beach and am back in the city, by the way.
I'd never seen a cockatoo out of captivity so it was cool to see them flying free. There was also a goana hanging out by one of the wharfs. They are quite odd.

I thought this bird was really cute. It looked like a little toy penguin. There were also great numbers of spiders, but i didn't take phots of those. Why do I want pics of spiders?

My bunk at Collaroy Beach YHA...

I got to watch Lost. Yaya! I haven't come across many Americans yet. Canadians far outnumber Americans. So I was surpsied at all the other people that watch Lost. Family Guy is also quite popular. Yes!

Freakonomics. I picked up this book at the hostel in Sydney. I'd read it before but thought it was worth another read.

When I finished it, I traded it for a new book at the hostel at Collaroy Beach. When I opened the cover, I thought it was funny that it was apparently left by the same person. The second book was Sophie's World, which I did not like and do not recommend unless you have an interest in philosophy.

Collaroy Beach (in the rain)

Quick post, as I only have 5 minutes left on internet. I've been at Sydney's northern beaches for 4 days and haven't had a day of sunshine. It's been pissing rain....boooo!!! Tomorrow looks promising. The weather report says "Mainly Fine". Ok I'll take that. I get along really well with a Danish girl in my room, so we just hang out chatting and reading and complaining about the rain. Aileen is coming in a few days!! So I'll head back to the city soon. Plus there's a Chinese New Year parade this weekend. I'm determined to see a lion dance. More later from Sydney central.

Blue Mountains

just back from a short week in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It was great! It's only 2 hours east of Sydney by train. The Blue Mountains YHA hostel is really nice, so I spent a few days relaxing and bushwalking in the mountains. The big attraction here is the Three Sisters above. I also did a 6 hour walk across the valley from the Three Sisters to what is called the Ruined Castle. It's just a bunch of big rocks from an old mountain range. I have to say i was quite disappointed with the view. After 3 hours of walking and climbing in 29 degree weather, i had expected something spectacular. But the view was just okay and there were lots of bugs up there. And then I had to walk 3 hours back! Next time I'll stick to the 3 hour bushwalks instead of 6 hours. i don't have many good pictures either... I actually intended to do some volunteer work here, but that fell through. I might have arrived too late. Anyway, they didn't pick up the phone and never returned my call. Oh well, I had a relaxing week.

So i'm back in Sydney where it's raining. I'm headed to north Sydney to spend a week at the beach before Aileen arrives. Yay! last night was the start of Chinese new Year celebrations. But because of the rain, the lion dance and entertainment was canceled. So I'm going to try and see it again today. I'm having internet troubles again. This is really a big pain. Apparently this internet place has bandwith restrictions and I exceeded the limit by uploading this video. Now it won't let me disconnect my camera. Argh! That's what I get for "cheap" internet. Well, if you're interested this is Aussie band Youth Group playing at the Australia Day fest at the Rocks last week. It was a good show, and free!! There's also some big aussie band called Evermore which I stayed for. Decided not to pay $50 to see Joanna Newsome at the opera house.