Blue Mountains

just back from a short week in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains. It was great! It's only 2 hours east of Sydney by train. The Blue Mountains YHA hostel is really nice, so I spent a few days relaxing and bushwalking in the mountains. The big attraction here is the Three Sisters above. I also did a 6 hour walk across the valley from the Three Sisters to what is called the Ruined Castle. It's just a bunch of big rocks from an old mountain range. I have to say i was quite disappointed with the view. After 3 hours of walking and climbing in 29 degree weather, i had expected something spectacular. But the view was just okay and there were lots of bugs up there. And then I had to walk 3 hours back! Next time I'll stick to the 3 hour bushwalks instead of 6 hours. i don't have many good pictures either... I actually intended to do some volunteer work here, but that fell through. I might have arrived too late. Anyway, they didn't pick up the phone and never returned my call. Oh well, I had a relaxing week.

So i'm back in Sydney where it's raining. I'm headed to north Sydney to spend a week at the beach before Aileen arrives. Yay! last night was the start of Chinese new Year celebrations. But because of the rain, the lion dance and entertainment was canceled. So I'm going to try and see it again today. I'm having internet troubles again. This is really a big pain. Apparently this internet place has bandwith restrictions and I exceeded the limit by uploading this video. Now it won't let me disconnect my camera. Argh! That's what I get for "cheap" internet. Well, if you're interested this is Aussie band Youth Group playing at the Australia Day fest at the Rocks last week. It was a good show, and free!! There's also some big aussie band called Evermore which I stayed for. Decided not to pay $50 to see Joanna Newsome at the opera house.