Tasmania - Hobart Salamanca Market

I love market days! So I'm very far behind with the blogging. So this was about three weeks ago. Saturdays in Hobart is when they have a big market in Salamanca. There's lots of food, crafts, fruit and veg, clothes and many buskers....I bought some Tasmanian leatherwood honey for my mom and some for myself. It was a gorgeous day! I was just very happy that morning, and very excited about going to the Salamanca Market. I'm such a dork like that.

Tasmania grows a lot of their own produce. I bought 2 kilos of apples from this couple. Only $2.00 a kilo! That's less than $1.00 a pound for some of the best apples I've had. I got some Jonagold apples and some apples called Gaveston Fanny apples or something...delicious.

Tasmania - Mt Field

I had booked into doing some conservation volunteer work on Friday...doing some weeding and planting native bush, that sort of thing. But the project was cancelled because of the heat and bushfire risk. It was 37 degrees, the hottest in 68 years for this place! It was damn hot. If you don't think that's hot, take a look at a map and see how far south Tasmania is. So the Conservation Volunteers people took the volunteers on a day trip to Mt Field National Park instead. Yay! There were 7 of us; 3 Canadians, 1 Korean, 1 Japanese, one Russian/Aussie, and the project leader.

If you've ever wondered where your beer comes from...These are hops plants.

Russell Falls

Lake Dobson

Sorry I haven't had time to respond to any comments of facebook stuff...Hopefully I can find good internet again soon!

Tasmania - Bruny Island

I met a girl back in Sydney who said Bruny Island was her favorite place in Australia. So I splurged and took a day tour to Bruny Island because it's too far and too big to try and do it with out a car in such a short amount of time. I was not disappointed! I was the only American on the bus as usual, so they like to take the piss out of Americans. When we drove past the KFC and McDonalds the driver made sure to tell us that those were the American health food shops.

Anywho...the tour included a 3 hours boat cruise to see the wildlife. Cruise makes it seem relaxing, but it surely wasn't! It was amazing and beautiful. I'm disappointed in my pictures, but the color of the water does show in the photos.

Dolphins!! I never tire of seeing dolphins. They are absolutely beautiful creatures. They like to swim with the boats so they get very close.

Tasmania - Hobart

I love Tassie! I've been in Tasmania for more than a week now. I flew in the Hobart last Tuesday late at night. Wednesday was my first real look at Hobart. This was my room at Montgomery's Hotel and YHA.

I thought I had some better pictures of Hobart, but these will have to do for now. Hobart is a lovely city. It's small enough that you can just about walk to every place. The weather has been perfect since I arrived, sunny and fine everyday about 24 degrees. These are the fish punts where you can get fresh caught fish, cooked and uncooked.

So I met this guy from the UK who's a doctor currently working in Sydney. We were sitting in the hostel lounge separatly trying to plan our Tassie trips. We ended up going out to get Fish n Chips and beers at Fish Frenzy at the harbour. I took this picture at dusk while we were waiting for our food.

This is the Salamanca area of Hobart. Very cute...there is a great market here every Saturday. I'll have pics later...


Quick post on Noosa...After Brisban, Aileen and I took a 2 hr bus ride to Noosa to see James. He had to work so we spent the first day doing some washing and relaxing...

On the weekend we went to the park to look for Koalas. We saw one balled up high in a tree. Can you find it?

These are from our drive around the surrounding Noosa area...

This was the day James wanted toasted marshmallows...

Another barbie night...

That's the quick story from Noosa. I spent 5 days there (thanks James!). Then I left for beautiful Tassie.


I just lost an entire post because this computer has a mind of it's own. I'm at the Launceston Library in Tasmania right now for 1 hour of free internet. Sorry for the slowness in posting, but when you have to go out and buy internet time, it's becoming something I don't do often. Anyway, on with the blog! I have loads of exciting things....later! I'm a few weeks behind on the blog, sorry. So I'm in Tasmania right now. I've been here a week already. I'll try and post some pics soon.

I might also note some frequent questions I get about America. After I mention that I'm from the US, a common response is " I haven't met many Americans." It's true...I've met more Brits, Japanese, Germans, Canadians and Swedish than Americans...Lately I'm often being asked what I think about the elections back home. Another frequent question I get asked is about how few Americans have passports. I mention this mainly because I've been asked about this twice already in the past week (and many times in previous travels). It's usually something like "I've heard an amazing statistic that only ___% of Americans have passports." I don't think there's an official figure, but I think it is or was less than 20%. If they're from the UK, I sometimes like to ask them about the people that listed themselves as Jedi Knights on the UK census.

Sorry about the boring post...pictures later (hopefully).

Byron Bay

On the way to Byron we stopped in Ballina and saw the Big Prawn.

Anyway...on to Byron Bay! We stayed 2 nights at the Cape Byron YHA. It was decent, but I wouldn't call it nice. Though the young people seem to like it. I felt very old. Speaking of old....one morning Aileen and I were eating breakfast and this stupid Canadian girl started chatting with us. Then she asked Aileen if I was her mom. What the fuck!! I know the sun ages you, but I didn't think I looked that old. Well, it certainly put me in a bad mood and I'm still quite offended. Also there was a giant cockroach in the food shelves. I was less freaked out than I would have been if I found one of that size back stateside.

Anyway...so Byron Bay is another beach town. We've been slowly heading north from Sydney up the coast. It's got a lot of hippies and surfers.

James met us on Friday and we moved to more private and rustic accomodation for the weekend.

We put some chicken kabobs on the barbie and roasted some veg pretty late at night. It was a good meal until we realized the chicken wasn't completely cooked.

I made this sea turtle.

This is the Byron Bay market on Sunday.

Coffs Harbour

My email's definetly not working. So I'll be starting a new one pretty soon. Carrie, I'll try and give you a call when I get to Tasmania tomorrow-ish. Hope to talk soon!

This internet is sloooowwwww....I'll try to upload as many pics as I can. After New Castle we made a short stop in Port Macquarie. The YHA hostel kind of sucked. We arrived by bus after midnight and promply left for Coffs Harbour the next afternoon.
Coffs Harbour was really nice and hostel there was much more comfortable that Port Macquarie. Two places of strange tourist attractions...the Big Banana and the Clog Barn.


My email situation is not looking promising. This is surely frustrating, as I may have to start a new flickr and email account.

So after Sydney, we took a 2 hour bus ride to Newcastle where we met Aileen's friend James and his folks for the weekend. A good time was had by all. The weather was great, the accomodation was fantastic and the food delicious.

Honey's life preserver...

no more time on internet...more later!

This was an add for a "massager" in the TV magazine.