Byron Bay

On the way to Byron we stopped in Ballina and saw the Big Prawn.

Anyway...on to Byron Bay! We stayed 2 nights at the Cape Byron YHA. It was decent, but I wouldn't call it nice. Though the young people seem to like it. I felt very old. Speaking of morning Aileen and I were eating breakfast and this stupid Canadian girl started chatting with us. Then she asked Aileen if I was her mom. What the fuck!! I know the sun ages you, but I didn't think I looked that old. Well, it certainly put me in a bad mood and I'm still quite offended. Also there was a giant cockroach in the food shelves. I was less freaked out than I would have been if I found one of that size back stateside. Byron Bay is another beach town. We've been slowly heading north from Sydney up the coast. It's got a lot of hippies and surfers.

James met us on Friday and we moved to more private and rustic accomodation for the weekend.

We put some chicken kabobs on the barbie and roasted some veg pretty late at night. It was a good meal until we realized the chicken wasn't completely cooked.

I made this sea turtle.

This is the Byron Bay market on Sunday.


Becky said...

Am I weird for feeling hungry after seeing the giant prawn???

Becky said...

I don't know what day it is yet over there, but because I don't want to miss it, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TINA!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great one! Keep up your posts - it is so nice to be at work and see your pictures from Down Under!

Carrie said...

Gl├╝cklicher Geburtstag Tina! Hope it's fab. One of these times I'm not going to still be at work or my class when you call. Hope you get working email soon! Cheers!