I just lost an entire post because this computer has a mind of it's own. I'm at the Launceston Library in Tasmania right now for 1 hour of free internet. Sorry for the slowness in posting, but when you have to go out and buy internet time, it's becoming something I don't do often. Anyway, on with the blog! I have loads of exciting things....later! I'm a few weeks behind on the blog, sorry. So I'm in Tasmania right now. I've been here a week already. I'll try and post some pics soon.

I might also note some frequent questions I get about America. After I mention that I'm from the US, a common response is " I haven't met many Americans." It's true...I've met more Brits, Japanese, Germans, Canadians and Swedish than Americans...Lately I'm often being asked what I think about the elections back home. Another frequent question I get asked is about how few Americans have passports. I mention this mainly because I've been asked about this twice already in the past week (and many times in previous travels). It's usually something like "I've heard an amazing statistic that only ___% of Americans have passports." I don't think there's an official figure, but I think it is or was less than 20%. If they're from the UK, I sometimes like to ask them about the people that listed themselves as Jedi Knights on the UK census.

Sorry about the boring post...pictures later (hopefully).