Tasmania - Bruny Island

I met a girl back in Sydney who said Bruny Island was her favorite place in Australia. So I splurged and took a day tour to Bruny Island because it's too far and too big to try and do it with out a car in such a short amount of time. I was not disappointed! I was the only American on the bus as usual, so they like to take the piss out of Americans. When we drove past the KFC and McDonalds the driver made sure to tell us that those were the American health food shops.

Anywho...the tour included a 3 hours boat cruise to see the wildlife. Cruise makes it seem relaxing, but it surely wasn't! It was amazing and beautiful. I'm disappointed in my pictures, but the color of the water does show in the photos.

Dolphins!! I never tire of seeing dolphins. They are absolutely beautiful creatures. They like to swim with the boats so they get very close.