Tasmania - Hobart

I love Tassie! I've been in Tasmania for more than a week now. I flew in the Hobart last Tuesday late at night. Wednesday was my first real look at Hobart. This was my room at Montgomery's Hotel and YHA.

I thought I had some better pictures of Hobart, but these will have to do for now. Hobart is a lovely city. It's small enough that you can just about walk to every place. The weather has been perfect since I arrived, sunny and fine everyday about 24 degrees. These are the fish punts where you can get fresh caught fish, cooked and uncooked.

So I met this guy from the UK who's a doctor currently working in Sydney. We were sitting in the hostel lounge separatly trying to plan our Tassie trips. We ended up going out to get Fish n Chips and beers at Fish Frenzy at the harbour. I took this picture at dusk while we were waiting for our food.

This is the Salamanca area of Hobart. Very cute...there is a great market here every Saturday. I'll have pics later...