I took a shuttle to Akaroa for a short day trip from Christchurch. It's a little town that was originally settled by French, so a lot of the street names are French. Sometimes it had a European feel to it. I walked around, had a muffin and coffee, and relaxed a bit before heading back to Christchurch that evening.

This was in someone's front yard.

The Garden of Tane is more like a thick patch of woods. I was a little nervous in some parts because it was a tad bit dark and there was no one around. There's also a cemetary there that I checked out.

This is a fantail bird. Their tails open up like fans. They move really fast and they'll follow you. This one was following too closely and it freaked me out a bit. I even started running.

This is still the Garden of Tane. I was trying to do something silly with my angel friend, but it didn't work. Listen to the birds though. They're pretty cool. The dog just happened to be wandering...

I got a map from the information center and went on a walk called the Happy Hollow walk. It's a 2-3 hour walk I think. Very nice, I especially liked the first bit, though quite steep. It takes you across farm land, so there were plenty of sheep.

Not sure exactly what this sign means. The end of the walk took me through a holiday park (camp ground) to get back to town.

I like these flowers because they look like they don't have any color, like they are in greyscale.