Back to Queensland - Noosa

Back to Noosa....After Cradle Mountain, I caught a bus back to Hobart the next morning. I had pretty much a whole day to spend in Hobart before my flight back to Brisbane. No worries, since it was Saturday, Salamanca Market day!! So I went back to the market, got some awesome fish n chips, sat in a park with my ukelele. The bus station didn't have lockers, but they had a room where I could leave my bags until they closed at 5:30. My flight didn't leave until after nearly 10pm, so I had to find a place to hang out until the airport shuttle picked me up. I sat in a park until I got cold. Finally I just went back to the hostel I'd stayed at earlier in the week, left my bags in the lobby and went to watch TV in their lounge. haha...
So I was in Brisbane for the night, met Kate the next morning and then we took a bus back up to Noosa.

Kate, James and I all have late March birthdays. This was our Happy March Birthday cake!

One Saturday we all drove to Kondalilla National Park to look for some waterfalls. That's all well and good. We were all eager for a nice walk in the woods.

It wasn't raining when we went, but it is a rainforest and there had been rain recently. The ground was wet and muddy and full of LEECHES! And me with my sandals on...We each had a few on our feet. We usually flicked them off as soon as we noticed them. But James nursed this one on his leg for a while until it got pretty big. Then we put some anti-bacterial gel on it to see what would happen.