Fraser Island

Hervey Bay is usually the launching point to go to Fraser Island. I didn't have the time, but I'd love to come back and spend a few days there camping and exploring. Fraser Island is a great big sand island off the southern coast of Queensland where there are no roads and dingoes roam free. Only 4x4 vehicles are permitted on the island, and the 75 mile beach is both a highway and a runway during the day. The beaches are too dangerous for swimming, but the lakes and creeks are magnificent! I wanted to go to Lake McKenzie, so we chose the least expensive day tour to Fraser Island that included Lake McKenzie. This is Eli Creek. I walked in the creek while Aileen and kate kept their shoes on and walked along the path next to the creek. The water on the island is super clean and clear. I'd love to ride down this creek with and inner tube.

Eli Creek

Maheno Shipwreck

The Pinnacles

Lake McKenzie
This lake was absolutely gorgeous! It's a freshwater lake created from rainwater. The sand here is so fine and the water so clean, it's great for exfoliating! It's like a giant spa pool!