Hervey Bay

Kate and I took a bus to Hervey Bay which is a few hours north of Noosa. Our bus dropped us off in Hervey Bay in a place I call little America. It really could have been any shopping area back home; subway, McDonalds, Blockbuster... Anyway, it was pretty late at night and too late for a courtesy bus from our hostel. So we started walking...we'd been walking for about 10 minutes when a white van stopped along side us and asks if we need a ride anywhere. The driver, a youngish man, says something like, "I've got six kids. I'm not an axe-murderer." We hesitated for a few seconds, and then opened the door and hopped in. In the back of the van was a soccer ball and a chainsaw. Hmmm....anyway, the guy was actually from San Diego and now lived in Hervey Bay with his wife and kids. He was really cool and even offered to let us do our laundry at his grandmother's house. We didn't, but it was nice of him to offer. The ride saved us a good deal of walking. It would have been a loooonng walk, especially with our packs. After he let us off at Woolshed Backpackers he saw the chainsaw in the back and said we must have thought he was crazy. Apparently he'd been cutting trees earlier. Well, it really was funny.

That night there were possums on our roof. The roof is corrugated metal, so we could hear these really loud footsteps. Then there was this loud hissing, like an angry cat. Maybe they were in the roof, I don't know. But it was loud enough that it sounded like they were in the room. Also, funny.

Next day, we checked out Fraser Island tours and checked out the "town". Aileen drove up from Noosa and joined us. We had a 3 bed room all to ourselves and a TV and DVD player!

The owners have a puppy named Dora. She may look mean, and she does have a set of teeth on her, but she was so cute!

The beach at low tide had ripples in the sand. And some bizarre sand nests. They looked gross, but they were just sand being squeezed up from below.