Noosa River

Unfortunately all my remaining Tasmania photos are burned onto a DVD and this computer doesn't read DVDs. So I'll just have to skip ahead for the time being to Noosa. Kate and I moved to the Halse Lodge YHA March 25th. The place is nice enough, and our room was nicer than we expected. After drinks at the bar with Aileen and James, we returned to our room to have a good night of rest before our 2 day canoeing trip the next morning on the Noosa River. We hired a canoe and some camping equipment, and we were to be picked up in the morning at 7am. We were in a 4 bed dorm room. Sometime around 1:30am, the girl in the bunk below mine returned to the room with a dude. They proceeded with sexual activities with Kate and I trying to sleep in the tiny room...I was lying frozen in my bed wondering what to do while my whole bed lurched rhythmically. Then I looked over to Kate who was in the other top bunk. She sat up, looked at the naked duo, and said firmly something like, "Excuse me. Could you please not do that in here? Please leave." Well, instead of leaving, they started at it again. Then Kate told them again that she was serious, and that they should leave. Kate then got out of bed, left the room and slammed the door. The guy left after that, but the girl was still in the room when Kate came back and the first thing she said to Kate was "What's your problem?". It's all very funny now, but the whole thing was very annoying. The girl could not understand why we were upset with her. Some of the other things she said were "Why are you so angry?" "We thought you were sleeping." "Where are we supposed to go?" to which Kate replied, "I don't know! Just don't do it in here!"

This was our room. Notice our smiles. This was when we thought we were going to get a good night of sleep.

Anyway, the next morning the canoe people picked us up from the hostel and drove us to Elanda Point where we picked up our camping supplies and canoe. We took our time canoeing since the weather was so nice. We paddled Lake Cootharaba in the Great Sandy National Park. The lake was really calm and relaxing. Then we paddled down the Noosa River to our campsite. We stopped for lunch at Fig Tree point and got to our campsite around 5:00. We were the only people at the campsite that night, so it was a little bit scary because it was so dark. Campfires are not allowed, so all we had was my tiny little flashlight. At night we could here animals in the woods....oooo, scary!

Campsite dock at sunset and early the next morning.

We paddled back to Elanda Point the next morning, but the wind made the lake much more difficult for canoeing.

Roos on the football field at Elanda Point. It started raining as soon as we returned the canoes. Lucky!

Back at james' place after canoeing. It was a good trip.