Tasmania - Bay of Fires

This was my last day of my Tassie tour. I've forgotten the interesting details, but these first few pics are from the Bay of Fires on the east coast of Tasmania. It was very peaceful here and the sun shining through the clouds was beautiful.

This was lunch at a waterfall that I've forgotten the name of. I don't have the itinerary with me, but the walk to the waterfall was nice.

They are protective of their tasmanian devils here. There's a problem with a contagious facial cancer in the devil population. Tumors start growing on the faces of the poor things. I didn't see any devils in Tasmania, but I did see a wombat! pics later...

This was a shop sign in the small town of Ross. We were just passing through around tea time I think.

This is a dog in town that likes to play with people from the buses. The bald guy was our tour guide Steve.