Tasmania - Bicheno

After Wineglass Bay we drove to the town of Bicheno and spent the night at Bicheno Backpackers. It was pouring down rain, apparently the power in Bicheno goes out quite often when it rains. So, there was no power in the town when we arrived, which meant we couldn't cook with the hostel's electric stoves. No worries...it just gives us a great excuse to get Fish N Chips! This was the Fish N Chips/General Store while we were waiting for our fish.

The hostel was quite small. We all sat around the kitchen and main room in the dark and enjoyed our food.

Bicheno has a Little Penguin colony. We went to see them that night but the penguins were not out in force. Something to do with the bad weather maybe. We saw a few, but they were hard to find.

Last night on the tour! Most of the group got up early to catch the sunrise from the hill behind the hostel. That's the first picture on this post. This was our bus in the morning while we were loading up. The other is the hostel kitchen in daylight. The hostel manager called our tour guide after we'd left and said we left a mess in the kitchen. I don't know...it looks pretty clean to me.