This is for my friend Kate, even though she doesn't read my blog. There's this Indian eatery on K'Rd that had little cakes called Barfi. The shop is still the same as it was 5 years ago.

This is Karanghape Rd, more commonly called K'Rd. There are a lot of thrift shops, cafes, and hippy and ethnic type businesses, as well as plenty of sex shops. Not a nice place to be after dark.

I met up with the girls again for coffee (or hot chocolate) before Cate had to fly back to the south island. That's Karen, Cate and Tracy. A New Zealand reunion!

The Sky Tower in Auckland. It is lit up with different colors. On this night it was yellow and wonderfully creepy.

My room at the YHA Auckland International.

Some of my toys. I bought the wombat on my last day in Australia, because I love wombats. I wanted a smaller wombat, but it was my last day and they only had big ones. And the obligatory Steve Irwin figurine from the Australia Zoo. And my Flight of the Conchords and Bic Runga CDs.