After a few nights at the YHA Auckland International, I moved to my friend Tracy's apartment. I met Tracy five years ago when we were both staying at the Frauenreisehaus in Christchurch. I had spent the earlier part of the day at Devonport before going over to Tracy's in the evening. She has a fabulous view from her apartment. See above.

Heading down Queen St to go to Tracy's apartment.

The White House. This was a brothel across Queen St from my hostel. It's right next to Salvation Army.

This is the night view from Tracy's apartment.

I splurged on a bubble tea on my last day in Auckland. Sour plum bubble tea. Yum!

Sending postcards

I found this sweater when I was thrift shopping on K' Rd. I don't intend on seriously wearing it in public. It made me laugh and it's 100% new zealand lambswool.

My last night in Auckland, we got ice cream cones, but they melted much faster than we could eat them cleanly. I got it all over white fleece. You can't see it, but I got some on my jeans, too.