I spent a couple of days in Christchurch. I got a little too comfortable at the Frauenreisehaus and wasn't ready to leave. Until Sandra scolded me one morning for leaving my bags by the front door after 8am. Before 8am is okay. After 8am is not okay. Whatever.

The hostel has free bikes, so I took one out one day and road around the city. They have bike lanes, and some bike traffic lights :-) These are netball courts and the Canterbury Draught brewery.

Hagerty Park is adjacent to the Botanic Gardens. There's a path that goes around the park, so I rode that around for a while. There are some great big trees. It's autumn here, so the leaves are changing.

The park is pretty big. I went to the Botanic Gardens afterwards for the last time before I left Christchurch. Here's a duck couple chatting in the gardens.

When I was here a few years ago, it was spring. There were daffodils everywhere. It was wonderful!

I stopped by the Arts Centre on the way back to the hostel. On weekends there's a nice market here with arts and crafts, food and music. This used to be the University of Canterbury, but now it's a maze of shops and artist studios.