I met my friend Cate when I was in Christchurch five years ago at the Frauenreisehaus. This time around we met in Christchurch for some gardening. I've become adept at weeding and removing stubborn ivy from walls. The evening involved some drinking at a community pub and eating of dinner. The next day, I went to stay with Cate in Ashburton, aka Ashvegas.

The big salmon at Rakaia, on the way to Ashburton.

Cate's awesome scrambled eggs

Cate's fantastic desserts.

Ashburton Domain

I took a late bus back to Christchurch. It dropped me off in Cathedral Square at about 10pm. It was quiet except for a guy covering songs on the flute in front of the cathedral. I wish I remembered what songs he was playing. It was a nice time of night, even though I had to walk several blocks to the Frauenreisehaus with my 30kg of stuff.