Queen Charlotte Track

Day two on the Queen Charlotte Track. My second day was a short one, only 11.7 km (about 7 miles).
There's a portion of the track after this one that is very long with no accomodation along the way. So I chose to do this short walk and tackle the longer portion on the third day. Anyway, day two was short, so less photos. This was a small bridge I had to cross early in the day. The sign to the left says "Maximum Load 1 Person".

Some animals...this area used to be a mining village. I forgot what mineral they were mining. So, now there's some llamas and some people living here.

A look back at Furneaux Lodge, where I stayed the previous night.

A few different views of the trail itself. Most of the trail was really muddy. Higher up the trail was dry. but heading downward the trail got much more soggy. These were where it was dry.

Looking ahead...This is where I was headed, Punga Cove Resort. I really wanted to stay at a tiny place called Mahana Homestead, but they were sadly booked full. They only have 12 beds and get very high ratings from guests.

The track is also used for mountain biking.

Finally! My bed wasn't ready when I arrived, so I had tea and cookies outside the kitchen.

I took a wrong turn going up to the backpacker house. These chickens started following me.

The backpacker kitchen and lounge at Punga Cove Resort. And the view from the kitchen balcony.