Queen Charlotte Track

Day three on the Queen Charlotte Track....this is the longest stretch of the track, 23.7 km (14.7 miles). This is my lunch for the day. Doesn't look like much, but it sustained me. I also ate a bar of Green and Black's Dark Chocolate, some dinosaur lollies, and some gorp (or trail mix, but I like the word gorp).

I think I took off from Punga Cove around 9:00. I ended up chatting with some of the group of 13 Aucklanders that I kept running into on the trail. They even had a baby with them. We ended up staying at all the same places along the track, so I saw them every morning and evening. Portions of the track cross private land. The owners of this portion made their own signs.

Oo, danger!

A view of Picton from across the sound.

I was the only silly person wearing jeans. I'd forgotten that you should wear quick drying clothes when you go on long hikes, not jeans. I wasn't thinking. I only wore them because they are my heaviest item of clothing, and my backpack was already too full. Luckily it didn't rain much after the first day.

I don't remember what time I finally arrived at The Portage Resort Hotel. Maybe around 4:30 or 5. I'm a pretty fast walker, but I make lots of stops. The group of 13 had just arrived shortly before I did. One of them waved at me from the backpacker house when he saw me coming up. I once again had a room to myself. Hooray!