It was about 10pm when I got off the ferry in Wellington. There was a free shuttle from the ferry terminal to the train station. Then I had to walk a good distance to the hostel. Luckily there was a Swiss girl and a girl from Bulgaria I think. They were both walking the same way, so i had some nice company. They have these city info kiosks everywhere. That's me eating an apple and sending an e-photo from the kiosk.

My room at the Cambridge Hotel. I always end up in rooms where I'm the only girl.

Nice place, eh?

The hostels in Wellington aren't as nice as so other places. The YHA these is very nice, but I booked 2 nights at The Cambridge Hotel because it was a little cheaper and I remembered them having the best showers. Well, five years makes a difference and the Cambridge was not quite as nice as I remembered. If I'm ever in Wellington again, I'll be staying at the YHA.

This is a kiwi. I meant to take a picture of the kiwis at the supermarket. They all looked like this. From what I remember during my fruit-picking days, the best looking "normal" kiwis are sorted and exported to countries like japan and US. They keep the ugly ones for their own.

I always liked to have tea at night with cookies. These were cheap and I thought they were funny. They call cookies "bikkies", so it's a bikosorus. Get it? harhar!! And the photo on the package is deceptive. And yes, someone actually "designed" this packaging. there's plenty of this type of "design" here. This is not japan. Signage here is ugly.