Dana Point, Orange County

Eileen took me to Dana Point the weekend I was there. We walked around the harbor and had some clam chowder.

Some kind of white squirrel.

This was taken at the John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

Bubble Tea and Jellyfish Salad

We went to one of the Asian shopping plazas in China-suburbantown for dinner one night. Yummmm! Just a small eatery with small plates of food. We got chinese cucumbers, jellyfish salad, bean curd strips and smoked duck. I just know this looks delicious to all of you.

We went to the chinese supermarket for some snacks. Chinese sponge cake, mochi, and a mango. And a stop for some bubble tea on the way home.

This is Gloria. She hates my camera.

After my wine was stolen in Auckland, I went and bought another bottle. It made my backpack heavy as shit, but I brought it back with me. My checked bag was 23kg, more than 50lbs. I housed my wine in Eileen's fridge, but I never got around to drinking it. So I ended up packing it up again and took it back to Virginia with me.

I had time to finish my Miss Buttons. Aileen got it for me for my birthday. I don't have a finished photo yet.

The O.C.

On May 21st I flew to Orange County, California to visit my friend Eileen. She's been living there a few years, and this was my first time visiting her. I had a layover in Salt Lake City. You can see the mountains from the gate. There was a boy about 5 years old on the plane. As the plane was descending towards the aiirport, he started screaming, "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!". I'm surprised no one tried to quiet him because he kept saying "WE'RE GOING TO DIE!!" all the way until the wheels touched the ground. Then he started yelling "WE'RE ALL DEAD!!!". I actually thought it was quite funny. And in the end, the boy wasn't really that distressed. He may have even been joking.

It late when I got to Orange County, around 11pm. It was Memorial Day weekend, so Eileen had taken that Friday off work. She likes to shop, so we went shopping. I went mainly to shop for ideas because I don't have the income at the moment to shop for actual material things...that is until I found these shoes. Camper shoes, my size, on sale. Yes! I tried to walk away from them, but they kept calling to me. I have a policy to only buy things that I love or need. And I do love these shoes.

Over the weekend, we went to Disneyland Town

Legoland at Disneyland Town

Welcome to the entrance of Disneyland! This is as far as we went. It costs $66.00 to go past this gate.

The price of gas in Orange County one month ago.

Sabino Canyon

On Sunday May 18th, we went to Risky Business to grab lunch and watch the last half of the Cavs/Celtics game. Cavs lost of course. Afterwards Carrie took me to Sabino Canyon.

A nice big saguaro cactus. According to wikipedia, they take up to 75 years to develop a side arm, and their major pollinators are bats. They are also state-protected, and it's illegal to harm one in any way. They are pretty awesome.

More Elliot...awwww.

A few of my favorite things

Click here for one of my most favorite photographs. It never ceases to make me smile.

Oh Arrested Development...how I miss you. So I'm on day two of a migraine that started yesterday afternoon. Which gives me an excuse to pull out my Arrested Development dvds in between episodes of Deadliest Catch. This show never gets old.

An Arrested Development movie????!!! Rumors abuzzz....that would rock! I don't know if this means it's true just because it's on imdb.

Desert Museum

Carrie took me to the Desert Museum one beautiful and hot day. It's an outdoor museum, kind of in the way a zoo is like an animal museum. There were animals and bugs, plants and cacti, butterflies and reptiles.


Mmmm....this carrot is sooo goood.

Groundhogs are cute. They were my favorite of course. There was a roadrunner in there, too..just holding onto its lunch.

One javelina, two javelinas, three javelinas...

Dead cactus

Tucson - Random Bits

A peaceful evening...the animals enjoying the view.

I didn't do much the entire week I was house-sitting. It was like the weekend every day. I just relaxed and tried to get back on a normal sleep cycle. It was nice to sleep in a real bed for a change. It was especially nice to be in a home instead of a hostel...to not have to worry about finding a bed for the night, paying for it and have to check out by 10:00 the next morning. To not have to worry about people stealing your food or a bottle of your favorite wine! Brown Brother's Dolcetto and Syrah. Good stuff...bubbly and sweet. I'm still bitter about my wine getting stolen in Auckland.

Looks like the neighbors are Metal Mulisha.

I'm all about biking as a form of transport. I love riding a bike, but I love it more because it doesn't run on petrol. It's free to ride a bike to the store..that is unless you put a hole in the tire. I was determined to take advantage of how flat Tucson is and use Comron's bike as much as possible. The first time I tried to take the bike out, it started to rain before I even got to a main road. The second time I took the bike out, I got a block further before I noticed a thorn in the front tire. So, the front tire was now completely flat, and I had to walk the bike back to the house. I got on the internet and learned how to patch a tyre. The next day I went to Target and got some tire levers and patches. It took me way too long, but I got the tire patched. Yay!! Good as new!

I went to Trader Joe's about every other day. It was much closer than the supermarket, and they have a nice place to park bikes. And the people there are really friendly. That's me with the green bag. I found the helmet at Goodwill.

Carrie and Comron are back from the Cook Islands (with a stop in New Zealand)! We went to Guadalajara Grill one night for dinner. Mmmm...I could go for some of that Tilapia I had that night. Yum!

Comron orders his manly drink.

Tucson - Mt Lemmon

I went up to Mt Lemmon on Saturday with Shannon and Eric. I believe this was May 10th. I was an idiot and deleted some of my Mt Lemmon photos because I thought I'd already burned them on to a disc. Doh! Well, at least I still have a few choice photos that weren't deleted. It was in the 90s that day, so it was refreshing to get to Mt Lemmon where it was much cooler.

There was a big fire about five years ago that took out much of the trees and town. There are a lot of new houses now and some shops. We stopped here for pizza. Apparently State Farm was not a good neighbor to the Cookie Cabin. We also got cookies before we left, but I deleted those pictures.

Eric's dog gets a face lift.

Driving back to Tucson...

Tucson, Arizona

Another look at my Tucson roommates...

Shannon is a friend of Carrie and Comron's. She was nice enough to keep me entertained while while I was house-sitting.

One night I went to dinner with Shannon, Cesar, and Eric, who all work with Comron. The food was good. I love me some fish tacos!

Eric said there was a place to take a really nice photo. So we all ended up at Truly Nolan Pest Control trying to take a picture of Eric stealing the cheese from the mousetrap.