Back to the east coast

I only had 40 minutes to connect in Phoenix, which was cutting it close. Actually less than that, 40 minutes from when my first plane landed to when my next flight was taking off. Somehow I ended up in the very last row of the plane, so I had to wait for ages to get off of the plane. Then I had to book it to my gate, which wasn't close either. It took me 20 minutes to get off the plane and to my gate. Right as I got there, they were shutting the door. One of the Delta people saw me and said, "Wait, we have a runner!"

Turns out I would have had a few more minutes. They were still checking in people that were on stand-by.

When I picked up my luggage, I checked in my bag and everything was a mess! I thought one of my bag straps had broken and everything had fallen out. No, I had my bottle of wine packed tightly inside, but I guess it looked suspicious. The TSA checked inside my backpack, but didn't bother trying to put things back the way they were.

My brother picked me up from Dulles airport in DC. He's working near there for the summer. We stopped at Whole Foods for dinner and some groceries before heading back to Blacksburg.

Stopped at a truck stop for snacks. I passed on free gospel and went for ice cream instead.

my favorite New Zealand cookies. I brought 2 packs back with me. They're gone now.

What the hell happened to my bike? It was fine when I left. Six months in storage and the chain and gears are completely rusted.

I finally finished Miss Buttons! Thanks Aileen!