Bubble Tea and Jellyfish Salad

We went to one of the Asian shopping plazas in China-suburbantown for dinner one night. Yummmm! Just a small eatery with small plates of food. We got chinese cucumbers, jellyfish salad, bean curd strips and smoked duck. I just know this looks delicious to all of you.

We went to the chinese supermarket for some snacks. Chinese sponge cake, mochi, and a mango. And a stop for some bubble tea on the way home.

This is Gloria. She hates my camera.

After my wine was stolen in Auckland, I went and bought another bottle. It made my backpack heavy as shit, but I brought it back with me. My checked bag was 23kg, more than 50lbs. I housed my wine in Eileen's fridge, but I never got around to drinking it. So I ended up packing it up again and took it back to Virginia with me.

I had time to finish my Miss Buttons. Aileen got it for me for my birthday. I don't have a finished photo yet.