Tucson, Arizona

From Auckland to LAX to Tucson. I love that I left Auckland wednesday evening and arrived in LA Wednesday morning. Another short flight to Tucson and I was at my next temporary home. Carrie and her friend Mel picked me up at the airport. It was nice having someone meet me at the airport for a change. I love traveling, but I was tired of carrying all my shit around with me and running to catch buses. Thanks Carrie!

Arizona is beautiful and hot! I'd never been there before, so it was all new to me. It was nice to be around all my friends again!

Friday morning May 2nd, was the wedding rehearsal. (My friends Carrie and Comron's wedding. That's why I was in Tucson) I didn't take many pictures the first few days. Check out BK's blog for some more (and better) rehearsal pics.

Another Copley reunion.

The rehearsal dinner