A Tucson Wedding! The After Party

We returned to the Windmill after the wedding and reception at the ranch.

Why do I not remember this? Why was Brandon wearing one of my flip-flops?

We tried to go to Level, this, um, "exclusive" club/bar by the hotel. Apparently suits and tuxes won't get you in if you're wearing sneakers. Well, some of us got there too late and the "bouncer" wouldn't let us in because they were closing soon. Oh well...we retired to the Windmill lobby for drinks and snacks.

The Levelers returning to the Windmill from the Level club.

I do remember this part. My shoes were captivating apparently. I bought them in New Zealand before I left from the Warehouse (where everyone gets a bargain). They sell cheap stuff that's made in China. It's like Odd Lots, but a little better.

There's a lot going on in the picture. I just wanted to see what my hair looked like, but Aaron and Nick's eye both made it in there, too.