A Tucson Wedding! Part One

So the wedding was a month ago, and I'm only now updating my blog. Sorry, I'm easily distracted! This was May 3rd...Carrie treated us girls to brunch at The Cup Cafe at the Hotel Congress in Tucson. Who wouldn't love a place with a floor made of pennies? Thanks to Becky for some of the photos! She took all the photos that I'm in. See more on Flickr.

Then is was off to the Coyote Wore Sideburns to get our hair done for the wedding. There was a car show, so it was quite busy downtown.

The hair. I loved my little do!

Something I did not know...I read this while I was waiting my turn in the hair chair.

Then it was off to the ranch! The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch
The flowers arrive.

A little drink to relax.

Adding a special touch.


Carrie said...

Yah! I certainly don't mind reliving it a month later :)