I made slippers

I've been making myself at home at the new apartment. It's a nice place, but there's no internet, so it's been hard to plan my trip to Seattle. Anyway....the new place has more vinyl floors than the old place, and I felt I needed some slippers. The tan fabric is from a pair of shorts that my brother was throwing out. The stripes are from a tablecloth I got from Goodwill. I found some cheap flexible cutting boards in the kitchen of the old apartment. I used those for the soles, plus whatever I could find around the apartment to give it some cushioning. They're actually not very well made, so no close up photos! They're also far to big for me. Maybe they'll fit my brother.

I found these when I was packing. There's a shop in Auckland that sells only things from Japan for $3.00NZ. These are little soy sauce bottles. I've taken dumplings for lunch before, and certainly could have used some of these.