In der Küche

I'm having to start packing up my crafting supplies because we're moving on Monday. So, in between some cleaning and packing, I've been whipping up a few things in the kitchen to try to use up some items in the pantry. I have a few boxes of photo albums that I was going through. That photo is my first batch of cookies. They were terrible, rock hard. I tried to halve the recipe, but I forgot to halve the flour. Bless my parents, because they ate every last one of them.

There was some bread flour left in the pantry, so yesterday I made baguettes. Here's the recipe. Tonight I made a cinnamon raisin loaf..sorry no pic. But it smelled awesome.

My brother inherited a giant crock pot from a previous roommate. What the hell is he going to do with a crock pot? It takes like six hours to cook something in this thing. Plus it's huge. I decided to make some soup in it before we dropped it off at Goodwill. I made Italian Wedding Soup again. This time i made my own broth.

I also made yogurt yesterday, so this morning I had fresh yogurt. I make yogurt every few days. Ingredients: one quart milk and one spoonful of yogurt. I have trouble finding good organic whole milk yogurt, so I prefer my own. Very good with peaches. Maybe after I move, I'll share my yogurt making method.