Let's looking more Japan photos!

I was getting rid of some of my boring Flickr photos and realized I still have a lot of Japan photos to post. I was sick my last few days, so I left quite a bit out. If you checked my Flickr, some of these might look familiar.

Kate and I went to this little soba place by her apartment. It was a challenge trying to communicate to the lovely lady working that Kate's a vegetarian and doesn't eat fish. There happened to be two Japanese businessmen having lunch that knew a little english. They overheard us and explained to the lady, no fish. She was really confused because I'm asian, so she kept looking at me even though Kate was trying to speak. I don't know any useful Japanese, so you know.... We didn't really order anything. They just brought some stuff out based on Kate's "No meat or fish" and my "I like fish". What we got were cold soba noodles, some sauces and seaweed, and each a plate of tempura. It was good.

Japanese apartments are small. Well, just about everything in Japan is small. I felt like a giant.

These are when we went to Nagano with Kate's friends, Mish and Andrew. It was snowing like crazy up in the mountains. We went to see some monkeys and spent the night at an onsen in town. I'll have more monkey photos soon.

I really didn't get a chance to do too much exploring around Kanazawa because I was sick. I only ventured out for maybe 2 hours each of the last 2 days. I was curled up on Kate's couch trying to keep warm the rest of the time. I did get some flu meds from the drugstore. I've no idea what was in them. They were less strong than American drugs, but they helped with all my aches.

So, one day I took the bus into town and explored the Omicho Market. I love markets! They have more than crab, I assure you. More pics later...

My last night in Kanazawa...I went out to dinner with Kate and her friends Katherine and Leslie at a small plate eatery. We had some fried cheese, tofu gratin, and some shishkabab things. Hmm, not what I expected to eat in japan. Come to think of it, I don't think I had any sushi while I was there.