I met our new neighbor...

his name is Josh, and he's moving in across the street....and he hit my car with his moving van. My immediate reaction was "FUCK!", but he was very apologetic and gave me his insurance info. I'm just not used to people being so nice. I've still got that east coast everyone-is-trying-to-fuck-you-over attitude. so i was prepared to be all bitchy, and was taken aback by his friendliness. Now I get to call my insurance and explain to them what my car is doing in Washington. Our street is very narrow, so I'm not surprised. It was bound to happen...

Taking a break from not working...

I may not be employed at the moment, but I am working. I'm trying to build up my portfolio, learn some flash, and practice designing logos. And now i'm taking a break.
Ava and my tomato...how cute. She's been sleeping there for a few hours.

my office/kitchen table/sewing table. it's much messier now.

something i'm working on...

This Stuff is Bananas!

This is what happens when you put frozen bananas through Joanna's juicer. It's like ice cream, but 100% fruit! YUUUMMMMMY

We also used frozen strawberries and pineapple. Strawberries come out like sorbet, and pineapple comes out like heaven. Pineapple, my favorite.

Yay for composting!

this is not a turd, but some great big insect in Nemo's litter box. Gross.

Flashback to pre-Bush Era

So i've been trying to put together my portfolio and going through all my files. It appears that I left most of my work back in Virginia somewhere...where it is so useful to me right now. Luckily, I think I have enough here to make do. Anyway, I found some old projects, like this animation I did way back.

I also found some random photos from when I was in germany eight years ago. I think these were from the negatives that didn't have photos printed because they were at too close to the end of the rolls. I scanned them with my cheap slide scanner, which gave them a cool grainy look. The first pic is the ceiling of our kitchen/shower. The blue was where the bathtub, sink, and washer were, and the yellow is the kitchen.

This one is at the Grande Arche, La Défense in Paris. We just called it "the big square thing".

My Tomato

I made this over the weekend. It's not finished yet. I ran out of stuffing, so it's nearly done. I couldn't wait to share :)
I think this may be the first item in my shop. Except for the thread, it's made entirely of repurposed or recycled materials. I'm very happy with it. It turned out better than I expected. I need to figure out what to price it at. Anyone care to throw in their two cents? Let's not compare to made in china prices. $40, $50, $60...? too high?

On a somewhat related note, basil goes with tomatoes...
On my second night in Seattle, Joanna and I went to this cheap phở place down the street for dinner. I think it's only $4.75 a bowl or something. They always give you bean sprouts and thai basil with the soup. So, I took the basil stems home, stuck them in water...and a week later they started rooting. I just planted them a few days ago and they seem to be thriving. I've tried this a few times before, but they always seemed to die when I put them in pots. So yay, we have thai basil! I got some mint from the market yesterday that I'm going to try to grow, too.

why we love the 60s

I was at Goodwill looking for items to add to my craft stash, and I found this gem. They had several volumes of these Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery from the 1960's. I picked one that appeared to have a nice variety of amusing (Jellied Egg Soup), as well as some useful (Fruit Tarts) recipes. So I purchased Volume 5: Fin-Gum. Flapjacks to Frog's legs to Giblets to Guinea Fowl to Gumbos. I'm always on the lookout for craft books from the 60's and 70s, ever since I saw these posted on a site a few years ago.

And here we go....from the Frankfurter section

I think this was the recipe that caught my eye.

Vegetable Salad
Lima beans, carrots, tomato and olives suspended in lemon jello. Serve with mayonnaise. Full recipe available upon request.

This is from the chapter on Game. It seemed odd, but I guess if it's an encyclopedia...

It also explains how to prepare game: "Hang the carcass head down. Cut the jugular vein and allow the blood to drain. After the blood is drained, hang the carcass head up..."

as well as the caloric values per serving: roasted beaver = 248 calories, roasted opossum = 221 calories, roasted raccoon = 255 calories...

There's also recipes for Breaded Bear Chops and Woodchuck in Cream. Why would anyone not want these cookbooks? And where can I get some bear chops?

Ballard Farmers Market

This morning I went to the Ballard Farmers Market. It's a year-round farmers market every sunday only a few miles from our place. Rain was expected in the afternoon, but this morning was beautiful. So, armed with a list for me and Joanna, I set off for the market.

My haul from the market...cherries, nectarines, peaches, apples, blueberries, basil, mint, bok choy, and some leafy greens, (yam leaves? I don't know what they are, but I like to stir-fry them.)

If it weren't for the cherries and blueberries, this would have been a pretty modestly priced trip to the market. But blueberries and cherries are expensive foods, and these are the last cherries of the season. The cherries were $3.99/lb and organic. And the blueberries were $15 for the big flat, which I think is comparable (if not cheaper) to what I've paid at the supermarket.

Arthur + Table Cloth = One Sweet Pillow

So, I've sent my resume out and I'm trying to work on my portfolio and learn some new graphics programs, but all that stuff isn't fun. I'm giving myself a few hours a day to work on some crafts. I've been wanting to make some giant pillows like this for a while. Here's the first of hopefully many...

This is before I dismembered and eviscerated Arthur. Nemo tried to eat his ear. He could do it, too. He already ate the ears off my wombat.

The fabric is a tablecloth I got at goodwill for $2.00. And I used the stuffing from a king-size pillow and most of Arthur, also goodwill finds. These things require a ridiculous amount of stuffing. Here's a deflated Arthuer and the finished pillow.


First concert in Seattle

One of Joanna's friends had an extra ticket to see Radiohead last night. She was going to go with him, but she hurt her neck/back, so she asked me if I wanted to go. Hell yeah I'll go! The White River Amphitheatre is on an indian reservation; there were lots of casinos and boarded up booths that sell fireworks. It took us two hours to get to the place because of traffic. The weather could have been better. The rain had stopped for the first half of the show, but by the time we left the rain was really coming down and we were pretty soaked. All well worth it. Radiohead rocked the house as usual.

This is Nemo, one of my other roommates, in his favorite box.

Ballard Locks and Fish Ladder

Sunday we went to the Ballard Locks to see the salmon ladder -"built to allow salmon to pass between fresh and salt water" without going through the locks.

leaping salmon

Pike Place Market

Sunday morning we headed to Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Fish Market, where they throw the fish if you buy one.

The original Starbucks.

Totem pole and cruise ship

One delicious smoothie

some delicious berries

Another seafood place

Donuts and More Croquet

Comron wanted to go this donut shop that he saw on the the travel channel. So Saturday we went to Top Pot Doughnuts for breakfast. Still not as good as that $3.00 donut I had in Byron Bay though.
This is a hipster operated joint.

We went back to Green Lake park for some more croquet.

Croquet and Friends

My friends Carrie and Comron were here in Seattle for the weekend to attend a wedding. It was their wedding I attended in Tucson a few months back. We spent Friday afternoon playing croquet at Green Lake park, followed by happy hour at Greenlake bar and grill.

Passing Pike Place market on the way to dinner at Union restaurant.

Dinner was at swanky Union restaurant, where we accidentally ingested a $273 dinner. To be fair, $50 of that was a bottle of wine, and it was dinner for four people....so, um...really not that bad, *cough* a deal actually.....
And the food was good, not amazing. And for the price, it really should be amazing. Don't go to Union Restaurant if you want to spend less than $50. Also, don't go there if you're really hungry....or in a hurry.

...menu of small plates with portions designed so that most appetites can comfortably enjoy 4 courses.

The menu items are $14-$18 a plate, which seemed reasonable. But turns out they're small plates. And they take about 20 minutes between plates. We were there for two hours.