Day One: Blacksburg to Akron

I'm soooo weary of moving. Not counting the few months I spent exploring the eastern hemisphere with my backpack, this is my third move since december. Moving all your worldly belongings from place to place is a lot of work. I had aspirations to leave a 6am Monday to be in Akron for lunch. It's a 6 hour drive. But (no surprise) packing up the car took much longer than anticipated because I couldn't get everything to fit. I was up 'til 4am and slept until 6:30. Then I packed, cleaned, tied up some loose ends and left Blacksburg at quarter past 9. About an hour from Akron, I noticed that my bike was falling off of my bike rack. Who knows how long I drove with my bike hanging like this...I suspect it was a while.

My favorite place for fresh fruit and veg.

My room at the Extended Stay in Montrose. This place was bizarre. I got the room on priceline. When I finally got to my room, housekeeping showed up at my room with two floppy pillows. She said, "Here are your two pillows" and put them on the kitchen table. I was on the phone, so I didn't ask. Then she started cleaning the toilet. I was still on the phone, then she asked me to come look at the toilet to see if it was clean enough. Um, yeah...then she finally left.

I ended up meeting my buddy Jake at Starbucks and chilled out there for the rest of the night. When I got back to the "hotel" that night, the woman at the desk started this strange exchange.

woman: We got you your two pillows. They're on your table. You said you didn't get them, but they're there. I just checked.
me: (Confused look.)
woman: When you checked in, you asked if you could have two extra pillows.
me:, I didn't.
woman: Yes, you asked me "Can I have two extra pillows?"
me: (Confused) Uh, no...

this continued for too long....I contemplated asking her if there was another asian staying there, but decided not to. eventually...

woman: So, you don't need the extra pillows?
me: I don't know what I would do with them. I was wondering what they were for.
woman: Well, how 'bout I come get them then. We've had people coming down and asking us for more pillows.

then she followed me to me room, waited in the hall while I went in and got the pillows.

woman: I must have heard you wrong or something.

I've no idea when during my check-in I would have said anything that sounded like "Can I have two extra pillows?" She was friendly though.