Croquet and Friends

My friends Carrie and Comron were here in Seattle for the weekend to attend a wedding. It was their wedding I attended in Tucson a few months back. We spent Friday afternoon playing croquet at Green Lake park, followed by happy hour at Greenlake bar and grill.

Passing Pike Place market on the way to dinner at Union restaurant.

Dinner was at swanky Union restaurant, where we accidentally ingested a $273 dinner. To be fair, $50 of that was a bottle of wine, and it was dinner for four, um...really not that bad, *cough* a deal actually.....
And the food was good, not amazing. And for the price, it really should be amazing. Don't go to Union Restaurant if you want to spend less than $50. Also, don't go there if you're really hungry....or in a hurry. of small plates with portions designed so that most appetites can comfortably enjoy 4 courses.

The menu items are $14-$18 a plate, which seemed reasonable. But turns out they're small plates. And they take about 20 minutes between plates. We were there for two hours.