Day Six: Bozeman, MT to Seattle

I made it! Saturday's drive was the longest drive, 10 hours. Add to that the hour I lost when the muffler fell off my car as soon as I pulled on to the interstate. I pulled over to the side of the road, where the speed limit is 75mph. It was a bit scary sticking my head under the car with cars and trucks going by so fast. It looked like one of the screws holding the muffler/tailpipe up to the car had rusted off. So, I figured if I could find some wire or something I could at least get the thing off the ground so it wasn't dragging on the ground. There were tons of little flies and a dead deer by the side of the road. And I think there was some shit, too, because it stunk. If I had stopped a half mile down the road, I would have stopped in front of a sunflower field, and it would have been so pretty. I have AAA, but that doesn't help when your somewhere in Montana where your mobile phone doesn't work. Before long, a highway patrol car stopped and called up the nearest auto shop to see if they were open. But instead, she ended up calling a service truck to come out. She left, and as I was waiting, a big old truck stopped and two young guys got out. I thought they were the service truck, but they'd been driving the other way on the highway and turned around to see if I needed help. So nice! And they had great accents. So, they had tools in their truck, and they fixed the muffler for me! Of course, then the service truck that the patrol had called earlier showed up and charged me $30 for having to drive out there. But I was just glad my car was fixed and I could finally get back on the road. And I got to meet some friendly locals.

Most of the day's drive was through mountains, so there wasn't much fun stuff along the way. I stopped in St Regis, Montana for gas and a short break. There's a giant gift shop with free popcorn and a trout aquarium. There was a family selling fresh lambert cherries by the side of the road. I bought a pound of them. They were so good!

Nice view entering Idaho.

This was somewhere in Washington, probably about 2 hours before I reached Seattle. I stopped at a scenic overlook just before sunset.

The last two hours were hard driving because it was a lot of mountain driving at night. And it was raining and all the other cars were going so fast. I finally got to Seattle about 10:30ish. Yay! I'm home!