Day Five: Bismarck, ND to Bozeman, MT

Yesterday it was the world's largest buffalo. Today I visited the world's largest holstein cow. It's located in New Salem, North Dakota and she's called Salem Sue. Really nice view from here. Australia has it's Big Things, but the midwest has it's fair share, too. Here we have The World's Largest Things.

View from Salem Sue's perch.

The yellow in these pics is sunflowers, fields of sunflowers. I drove past several sunflower farms, but this one was the most vibrant.

From the world's largest holstein cow to the world's largest metal sculpture. This is called Geese in Flight. It's part the Enchanted Highway, a 32 mile stretch of road leading south from Interstate 94 to the town of Regent. A guy named Gary Greff wanted people to visit his town of Regent, so he created a series of giant odd metal sculptures along the road to the town. This Geese in Flight one is right off the interstate.

If you were wondering where Home On The Range was, it's in North Dakota.

I didn't know I'd be passing through Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I hadn't expected to see such a spectacular view. This is the Painted Canyon overlook at the visitor center.

Not much to see during the Montana stretch. Quite a bit of mining, very windy and some rain. It was a long drive.