Day Four: Minneapolis to Bismarck, ND

I had originally planned to go to the Mall of America while I was in Minneapolis. Not because I wanted to shop, but just to see it since I'm here. But this morning I decided that I didn't really want to go all that much. So I skipped the mall and went on my way. I considered taking a detour to go see the World's Largest Ball of Twine made by a single person. But I decided to stick to the things closer to the interstate. I was disappointed to find out that I was very near the SPAM museum in Minnesota yesterday. Oh well...I hit some traffic just outside of Minneapolis, and wondered if I should have gone to see the ball of twine. I stopped for gas at Fergus Falls where there was this Continental Divide monument. It's just next to a gas station, no one really pays attention. kind of boring....

I stopped at the Fargo visitor center. They have a walk of fame with 100 celebrity hand/foot prints in cement. Here are a few. Hmm, Bill Gates and I wear the same size glove.

The Space Aliens bar and grill in Fargo.

Today's drive was pretty easy. Just six hours on I-94. The speed limit in North Dakota is 75 (120 km/h), but I drive slower than that. I don't like the way my car sounds at 75mph. It's a nice drive unless you're running low on gas. I forgot to get gas when I stopped in jamestown to see the world's largest buffalo. Then I drove past fields and farms and exits with no gas stations. I was worried I'd be stuck by the side of the road with a mobile phone with no signal. But I did find a gas station and all was well.

I made a stop in Jamestown, North Dakota to see the World's Largest Buffalo and Frontier Village.

Frontier Village was a nice stop on the way. It was free, so worth the price. I was amused with the mannequins.

Inside one room schoolhouse.

Nearby Frontier Fort. It's mainly a gift shop and restaurant with some buffalo in the back that you can feed. Also a strange "museum" that looks more like it's used for storage.

The Space Aliens restaurant in Bismarck is right by my hotel. I decided I had to check it out.


Anonymous said...

You're my kind of road tripper Tina. Good luck for the rest of your trip. You're half way there! I'll see you next week!