Flashback to pre-Bush Era

So i've been trying to put together my portfolio and going through all my files. It appears that I left most of my work back in Virginia somewhere...where it is so useful to me right now. Luckily, I think I have enough here to make do. Anyway, I found some old projects, like this animation I did way back.

I also found some random photos from when I was in germany eight years ago. I think these were from the negatives that didn't have photos printed because they were at too close to the end of the rolls. I scanned them with my cheap slide scanner, which gave them a cool grainy look. The first pic is the ceiling of our kitchen/shower. The blue was where the bathtub, sink, and washer were, and the yellow is the kitchen.

This one is at the Grande Arche, La Défense in Paris. We just called it "the big square thing".