why we love the 60s

I was at Goodwill looking for items to add to my craft stash, and I found this gem. They had several volumes of these Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery from the 1960's. I picked one that appeared to have a nice variety of amusing (Jellied Egg Soup), as well as some useful (Fruit Tarts) recipes. So I purchased Volume 5: Fin-Gum. Flapjacks to Frog's legs to Giblets to Guinea Fowl to Gumbos. I'm always on the lookout for craft books from the 60's and 70s, ever since I saw these posted on a site a few years ago.

And here we go....from the Frankfurter section

I think this was the recipe that caught my eye.

Vegetable Salad
Lima beans, carrots, tomato and olives suspended in lemon jello. Serve with mayonnaise. Full recipe available upon request.

This is from the chapter on Game. It seemed odd, but I guess if it's an encyclopedia...

It also explains how to prepare game: "Hang the carcass head down. Cut the jugular vein and allow the blood to drain. After the blood is drained, hang the carcass head up..."

as well as the caloric values per serving: roasted beaver = 248 calories, roasted opossum = 221 calories, roasted raccoon = 255 calories...

There's also recipes for Breaded Bear Chops and Woodchuck in Cream. Why would anyone not want these cookbooks? And where can I get some bear chops?