The Tomato Loft

I've discovered our loft is a great place to take pictures. It's also a good place to curl up with a giant tomato and read a book.

Inherited Treasures

my watch battery died, and I can't be bothered to go get it changed. well, not only because my car is broken, but because I don't want to pay. I'm on a strict spending diet until I get a job. luckily, I have a spare thanks to my brother's former flatmate from a few years ago. She moved out of state and left a giant box of stuff in a closet. So, when we were moving we sorted through it. lots of sugar-free candy and sweatpants, old make-up, cd cases...nothing worth keeping. except this baby-G watch!

it is not intuitive how to work this thing. I had to find a manual to figure out how to change the time. it's very chunky, but i'd rather deal with it than go without a watch.

she also left a whole lot of perfume. Is this normal for women to have this much perfume? maybe it is, i don't know. the sample sizes were always enough for me. And I usually stick with only one or two. well, now I'll have ten to choose from.

The Third Column

Yep, I'm making some minor changes to the blog. I just added another column so I can have room for more stuff later. It's a bit crowded, but I'm not done with it yet. I found this great blog, which I'm sure I'll be using again later. The Blogger Guide has some very easy to follow guides for customizing your blog. I don't know why I get so much more work done at night. Less distractions I suppose, and I've always been a night owl. I was planning on heading to bed early tonight, but I had to stay up to watch David Letterman rip on John McCain. It was well worth it. Don't go pissing Dave off with your silly games, mr maverick.

My Bum Car

My car won't start again today. I could probably give the starter a few whacks with the broom handle again, but since I don't have to be anywhere really, I thought I'd save the whacking and the curses for when I really need it. Like perhaps one day when I have to drive to an interview...or maybe I'll have to go to a proper job one day. Just maybe. So, since my brother will be here next week, I'll hold off until then to take it to the shop. I'd rather have him look at it first before I take it anywhere. I can still drive it, it just takes some work to get it started. In the meantime, i'm out of dental floss. Instead of walking 15 minutes to the store, i'm ordering it online :-P

On the other hand, this will force me to stay home and work. Yesterday I got my proof from the printer for my meaty christmas cards. They were sent to print yesterday, so I should have them in the shop within a week! I'm still not sure about the logo, but I figure I can always change it. It is my own.

Persimmon Ottoman!

Yay! I finally made the persimmon ottoman! It's not completely stuffed yet. We'll have to test it out to see if the fabric holds up. I think the leaves are too dark, but that's the only color I had. i'll have to get some better pictures before I put them in my shop.

Another Car Thing...

I was taking out the trash yesterday and I felt the top of my head brush against something. It felt like a leafy tree branch, but when I looked back I didn't see anything. Then I looked closer and saw that I had walked through the bottom of a giant spider web with the spider right in the middle. I didn't do too much damage though. I think a bunch of my hair just stuck to it as I walked under it. I took the long way back to the front door to avoid doing it again.

This is a different spider web in front of the house. Our yard appears to be spider-friendly.

I was in need of some essential cooking items; garlic, oil, and soy sauce. As well as rice, veg, bread and juice. I'm pretty much still eating the same as when I was backpacking in australia and new zealand. I'll have to hold off on any seafood and alcohol until I have a steady income. Though I did splurge on some Yukon Keta salmon not too long ago because it was an affordable $6.99 a pound. I'd never heard of this kind of salmon, so I thought I'd give it a try. Also called Yukon River chum, they have a higher oil content than most king salmon. I learn more about salmon every time i go to the supermarket. In the end, it was delicious and fatty fish.

Anyway, back to my original reason for this post. I was heading out to Whole Foods today, but my car wouldn't start...nothing but a few clicks. I think this city is trying to tell me to start taking the bus. In the past two months I've had some solenoid thing replaced, my muffler fall off on a Montana interstate, my neighbor hit my car with a moving van, and now it looks like I need a new starter or battery. Also, my hood hasn't been latching shut. I eventually got the car to start by banging on the starter a few times. It took a few tries, but it worked! I was almost proud of myself because I'm very car stupid. Thanks to by brother for teaching me that trick. We'll see if it starts again tomorrow.

One Tomato, Two Tomatoes!

Tomato two is finished! I'm already about halfway through tomato number three. And I'm trying out a persimmon with some cheap broadcloth fabric that was on sale at Joann's. I'm not sure it will work, might be too thin. Orange bed linen is pretty hard to come by at the thrift shop. I've seen purple...maybe I should try an eggplant. Red has been pretty easy. So I had to resort to purchasing new fabric to make the persimmon ottoman. Hope to have pics soon. The weather is gloomy and wet today. I guess I'd better get used to it. I'll be staying in and crafting all weekend. I've also added another leaf to the tomato. Next version will hopefully be less star-like.

And once again, more cat photos... I've seen a few very large spiders, mostly downstairs. The good thing about having the cats is they like to play with them and then eat them. Or leave them for the vacuum. This spider was pretty resilient, so it gave the kitties a fair amount of entertainment. It was big. You can see it in the bottom photo.


I had a terrible craving for cookies yesterday. So I made some snickerdoodles.
I used this recipe. I used all butter instead of shortening. And as was suggested in the reviews I baked them for exactly 8 minutes and let them sit for about two minutes before I transfered them from the cookie sheet. These are by far the best snickerdoodles I've made. I'm usually pretty good at restraining myself, but within ten minutes of removing them from the oven I'd already eaten four of them. I think they'll all be gone by tonight.

My piano is here!

My piano arrived this morning! All 53lbs of it. It was a bitch getting it up the stairs and set up. I got it because it was one of the lighter stage pianos. Now, I know I can carry 50lbs. My backpack has definitely weighed that much during my travels. But this thing was certainly a cumbersome size. I'm very happy to see it again, as I haven't played it since December.

I don't have a stand for it as yet. So right now it's on this sill until I have more discretionary income. I have to stand on one leg in order to use the pedal with the other. I think if I can find a barstool for cheap it will be the right height. Yay!!!!

Then I got a call telling me my car was ready to be picked up. They put a shiny new bumper on my car, fixed the taillight and body damage. They even washed it and vacuumed and dusted the interior! I was pleased. I was half hoping they fixed my muffler while they were at it, but no. My deductible was waived (yes!) but I still had to pay for the rental :-( The neighbor's insurance denied liability.

Consider Recycled Toilet Paper

I try not to be preachy, so I'll be brief. Most people know me as a greeny anyway, even before I came to Seattle. It just seems wrong for perfectly good forests to be cleared just so people can wipe their butts. Especially that shitty cheap Scott toilet paper that dissolves in water. Virgin tree pulp was used to make that! Yeah sure, it has 1000 sheets per roll and lasts forever...whatever, unless you live in an RV or your plumbing sucks, I don't know why people buy that stuff. Anyway...

If it doesn't say it's made from recycled paper, it's probably not. And if it doesn't have the FSC logo on it, the trees used to make it were probably not harvested in a sustainable manner. That's it for now. Thanks for reading!

Kerry Park

Another beautiful day today! The skies were clear, and you could see Mt Rainier today. So we went up to Kerry Park again at sunset. I remembered to bring my camera this time. But I think Mt Rainier was more visible the first time I was here...when I forgot my camera. You can still see it to the right of the city in these photos.

fancy large format camera on the left

This one is from another little park just down the street.

By the way, I was wearing my bed sheet skirt today when someone tapped me on the shoulder at Trader Joe's and told me how much they liked my skirt. That's what I wanted to hear! Really made my day. Thanks, lady Trader Joe's shopper!

Golden Gardens

The weather has been gorgeous in Seattle the past week. So yesterday Joanna and I went to Golden Gardens Park. What a glorious day to be spent outdoors! It was late afternoon when we got there, and the park was buzzing with people. As you can see, there's a beach.

I couldn't get a good picture of the mountains because of the sun. But it was really lovely.

There were some hoopers there, so we went over and hooped a little. My jeans were kind of falling down in this picture. looks weird

Logos and fakos

I've been trying to come up with a logo for my crafty things. I'm tired of working on this, so i'm just going to go with something like this for now. Designer feedback please! I haven't done many logos, so I need some help. It's still very rough, and I haven't decided on the font, but this is the general concept for now.

Anyway, what really prompted this post was this. I was on logopond again today, and I came across this. Apparently this is a small pond.

It looked familiar because I had seen it on the fake designer's website as this.

Oh snap! Fake designer strikes again! I just emailed the real designer to let him know. I'm curious to see what he will say.

On that note...Hey, I just designed this logo. It's completely original!

Bitchy Car Update

*sigh* more car expenses...An update on my car. I took my car to get checked out this morning. The place is about half an hour from here, and not on a bus route. Curses! My insurance policy doesn't provide a rental car...I was being cheap, and I thought I could get by on my bike and buses. Well, my bike still needs repairing, and taking the bus back home this morning was not an option. I also forgot to bring my phone with me this morning, so I couldn't call Joanna to come pick me up. I couldn't call anyone because all of my contacts are on my phone. (this is where having a home landline might have been handy.) Plus, I'd still have to go back to pick up the car in hopefully a few days. I hesitated about renting a car because I wasn't sure how long the repairs would take. I didn't want to end up paying to rent a car for an entire week. On the other hand, I didn't want to be without a car for a week while I'm still looking for a job. Dooohhhhh....decisions!!!

Lucky or not, I dropped my car off first thing this morning at 8:00. And they had just one rental car left, and it was an electric blue PT Cruiser. I have to admit, that influenced my decision just a little bit. So I ended up taking the rental. and on the way home, I found a 99 Ranch Chinese supermarket and stocked up on chinese groceries. At least something good, albeit so very minor, came out of this ordeal. I'd been looking for an asian grocery store.

So it turns out that my car repairs will total about $1,418. I still have to pay my deductible of $250, which SUCKS. (keep in mind, i'm still unemployed) but compared to $1400, that's not bad. They're still trying to determine liability with my neighbor's insurance. Turns out my neighbor's friend was driving the van, and not my neighbor. This is bullshit. Neighbor has been really cool. His insurance has not. So hopefully I will get my deductible refunded, but we'll have to wait and see. Oh, and my car won't be ready for a week. So tack on another $100+ for the car rental. Ugghhhh....$$$$$

Sorry for the wordy post. Let's make it even more uplifting. My brother's apartment has extremely high levels of radon. If your home is at risk, get it tested. That's my PSA. Good day.

Bed Sheet Skirt

I made my first piece of clothing, and I love it! I found this fitted sheet at Goodwill and decided that it must become a skirt. I got this pattern at Joann's for two dollars, McCall's M5591. It wasn't hard. It just took me a while to decipher the pattern instructions. I have a hard time with patternspeak, and I haven't been sewing for very long. It has pockets!

the fabric is pretty thin, so I had to improvise a lining for it. I made the lining too short, but it does the job. It's like a miniskirt inside another skirt. The lining and the yellow band at the bottom are from another bed sheet. I've become a familiar face in the linen section of Goodwill.

It's a comfortable skirt.

The Craft Cave

I spent a good deal of time today conducting research for my shop. It's a beautiful day today, I really should be outside. But I want to get my christmas cards printed. I've been looking up printshops and checking pricing and all that really fun business.

i just took a few pics as I was sitting at my desk. [sorry for boring post] Last night I dubbed this room The Craft Cave. There was a rather large spider in the Cave last night, about the size of a quarter. I'll have to lure the cats down there more often to take care of the spiders.

anyway...Joanna bought a desk, too, the other day. Her desk came packed with some big styrofoam pieces. I wrapped one in an old bed sheet with some spray mount and tape, nailed it to the wall...and shazam! I have a bulletin board. That's what the light blue thing is to the left. The blue animal is something I made a few years ago from an online tutorial. The football shape is my leaf pattern for my tomato ottoman, cut from a pottery barn catalog.

I found this Ritzenhoff beer glass at goodwill for a dollar. I thought it would be perfect for my bamboo. I won the trophy in third grade on field day in scooter board racing. It's the only trophy I've ever won. I'm very proud.

my computer....i was trying to create a logo, but i ended up creating a character. The arms are still in development

Enjoyment is to have a sweet such as eating clouds in the sky.

My Mini-Studio

I arrived in Seattle almost four weeks ago with only what I could fit in my car. The only piece of furniture I own (if it can be called furniture) is my air mattress. And some large ottoman pillows I made. I've been in desperate need of a desk lately. The kitchen table is fine, but it gets wonky when I use the sewing machine. And I needed more table space to work on. I've been checking goodwill, but haven't found anything close to what I wanted. Plus, it had to be able to fit in my prizm. IKEA is about a half hour from where we are, which is why I hadn't gone there yet. But I knew I could get a desk there for relatively cheap, and there were a few additional household items I needed, too.

So, yesterday Joanna and I made a trip to IKEAland! I say IKEAland because the place is enormous. I believe we were there for at least two hours. But I got my desk! My mouse doesn't work on the red table though, so I'll have to start using a mousepad again, but that's fine. Maybe I'll make one. i'll post more pics as I get my little studio set up.

Starbucks central...on the way back from IKEA.

Second tomato ottoman is nearly finished. I just need to put a logo or label on it before I stuff it up.

Fake Designer Guy

I've been keeping this to the tumblr, but this guy is just shameless. It was discovered several weeks ago that some 18 year old kid in brooklyn "with 8 years of experience" has been posing as "a creative genius" graphic designer and using projects that other people designed in his portfolio. It just so happens that many of the projects on his website were designed by my friends at our own thing. Honestly, compare their site to this guy kamarin lee.

Let's compare.



The fake guy took the site down for a while. But I was on logopond last week looking at logos when I came across one that I recognized. Turns out this fake designer had posted some of my friends' logos on this site as his own. I clicked the link to his site and discovered that "his" website was active again.

Here's the best part...people said this was a great logo, and asked how he did it. Fake guy actually responds...

"I actually used a felt-tip marker, and then scanned it into Illustrator. From there, I just cleaned it up a bit and hours and hours later...I finally had it polished. It was hell. I almost hate this one because of the amount of work I had to put in. lol"

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

I also discovered today through a quick google search, that most of the text on mr. lee's website is also plagiarized. It took me longer to write this post than it took me to find three different sites he copied from. Fun!

Crafts and Cats

Joanna made a pillow! It's made from a fuzzy velour-type shirt. She just cut the arms and shoulder parts off and sewed it together and stuffed it. Nemo approves.

This is the kitties playing hide and seek with the big pillows.

And mac n'cheese was buy one get one free. And they're Arthur shaped! I really had to buy some. Buy the way, his head is all that's left of him. He's currently hanging on the banister.