Another Car Thing...

I was taking out the trash yesterday and I felt the top of my head brush against something. It felt like a leafy tree branch, but when I looked back I didn't see anything. Then I looked closer and saw that I had walked through the bottom of a giant spider web with the spider right in the middle. I didn't do too much damage though. I think a bunch of my hair just stuck to it as I walked under it. I took the long way back to the front door to avoid doing it again.

This is a different spider web in front of the house. Our yard appears to be spider-friendly.

I was in need of some essential cooking items; garlic, oil, and soy sauce. As well as rice, veg, bread and juice. I'm pretty much still eating the same as when I was backpacking in australia and new zealand. I'll have to hold off on any seafood and alcohol until I have a steady income. Though I did splurge on some Yukon Keta salmon not too long ago because it was an affordable $6.99 a pound. I'd never heard of this kind of salmon, so I thought I'd give it a try. Also called Yukon River chum, they have a higher oil content than most king salmon. I learn more about salmon every time i go to the supermarket. In the end, it was delicious and fatty fish.

Anyway, back to my original reason for this post. I was heading out to Whole Foods today, but my car wouldn't start...nothing but a few clicks. I think this city is trying to tell me to start taking the bus. In the past two months I've had some solenoid thing replaced, my muffler fall off on a Montana interstate, my neighbor hit my car with a moving van, and now it looks like I need a new starter or battery. Also, my hood hasn't been latching shut. I eventually got the car to start by banging on the starter a few times. It took a few tries, but it worked! I was almost proud of myself because I'm very car stupid. Thanks to by brother for teaching me that trick. We'll see if it starts again tomorrow.